Reasons To Buy Your Next Bike In Person, Not Online

image of buying a bike online 1Buying everything online has turned from an enjoyable thrill to a near compulsion for people. The collective right now believes that everything is less expensive when it is purchased online. Ask a shop owner or people who work in bike shops, they see it all the time.

Cyclists come in touting the pricing they saw online (even for kids just starting out). They use your store as the springboard for their online shopping ventures. They try out look at and explore their options using your showroom as their Internet showroom. Sometimes they tell you what they are up to, and other times they keep their work close to their chest.

Bicycles are not small, have many moving parts, and the shipping is not cheap. It might be a law of the universe, but when you buy oregano online, it never fails to show up in one piece. Once you purchase that $10,000 television or the rare fine oboe, then something will go wrong. It might come to you with free shipping, but on the return trip you realize that it costs nearly $200 to ship it back to arrive in one piece without too much exposure to harsh climate elements.

While this article favors buying a bike at your local bike shop, it’s not impossible to select yours online. In fact, there is no denying that you will receive a lower price. If you’re curious about the advantages of going online, we highly recommend you check out Rovo Bike Reviews.

We explain the various risk that come along with going the online route.

Parts, Accessories, and Bike Comparisons

Price is always a factor, but in the case of deciding whether to buy online or in a shop, expand your thinking a bit. Buying online may involve many unhappy returns, at your expense. Maybe there’s a fraud on the other end, and you cannot get your money back, at least not as fast as you like.

Packaging Geniuses

So bikes come non-assembled tidily interlocked for safe and efficient shipping. You say you still have not mastered replacing the back wheel without having to have the bike shop put the chain back on for you? Then this non-assembled bike will never get built, not without paying the local bike shop extra money to do the job for you.

Here’s a quick guide to help you assembly your bike.

So, if you need to return it and buy another and then need it built for you, that costs a few hundred dollars even before hitting the road the first time. Is the discount to buy online still exceeding the savings of going directly to the local shop first, where you build rapport while you learn to replace inner tubes yourself?

The other fun part is when parts are missing from the box. From the likes of what bike shop experts see, the boxes are not treated well in shipment. A missing part will have you wondering what’s wrong with your assembling skills. At a bike shop, they see what’s missing, and can grab an extra from the shelf, or contact a vendor to send replacements pretty quickly.

You say you are handy with your, well, hands? Even so, bikes require precision in assembly. All those little and big parts need to move in line with one another, without friction here, and definitely with some tightness there. One misstep and a wheel will get bent, or something falls off, and someone gets hurt.

Here are the basics of assembling a bike. Seriously, by the end, you probably will want to hire a professional, and just buy from the shop from the very beginning.

Unpacking The Parts

If something is wrong that makes the bike a potential hazard, you guessed it. You have to pack it all back up and fit it all back in that box, without creating more damage. Vendors might wonder if you damaged it before sending it back. In the store, if this is the case, their vendors and distributors pay the return shipping, which can be anywhere from $120 to nearly $200. If you still want to buy your bicycle online, be clear on the return shipping terms and conditions before you ever hit the buy button.

Why Stop Here?

Brakes are never aligned right when you pull them out of the box. They are crooked and probably rubbing the rim, or not making proper contact with the wheels. The cables require adjustment to meet a happy medium here. It also depends upon whether you are in the age of hydraulics or disc brakes what other adjustments may be necessary

Most of the bike is assembled though some parts are deliberately attached backward. For instance you probably will find if the stem and handlebars arrive together and attached, it is backward and upside down. Next, if you do have to attach parts, let’s hope you paid attention to how to apply proper torque in shop class back in high school.

You never took shop? You never assembled anything before in your life? This is not the time to start. Remember that how well you assemble matters where a bicycle is concerned. It would probably void your warranty and could harm you.

Once you get it all together, you are ready to hit the road, right? Not if the sizing is off. It is not necessarily a reason to send it back. You will have to visit your local bike shop to have them swap parts for a proper fit.

Another great reason to get out to your local bike shop is to find a community of bike enthusiasts who also want to ride. They are a great way to talk about latest equipment, and build a group of people to call when you want to go for a ride.