How to Select Your Best Cycling Route to Work

So much depends on avoiding as many stop signs as possible.

road signGetting to work as you ride your bike may seem tiresome especially when you use long and complicated lanes. Many people find it difficult to ride their bikes to work because they have no idea how to go about it. However, when you scout your usual route, you will understand why some people are embracing riding to work. The following comments from seasonal bike commuter will give you an idea on this subject.

1. Get a general idea of where you want to go.

Stephanie Renfro says that although Google Map is wonderful, “Portland By Bicycle “is that comes from city’s transportation agency is much better. He continues to say that it easy to carry it since it is small and you do not have to spend cash when you are using it in town. Another one commented that is important to know what the pro bikers are using on the streets.

From Jeff, husband to Stephanie advises bikes to make use of the choosing the appropriate bridge. When doing this, get to know the most crowded bridges since you do not want to end up in traffic due to too much bikes using the same bridge. There is nothing worse like when you want to avoid traffic jam only to end up stuck in it for hours. He continues to recommend that one should either use Broadway bridges or the Steel if you are heading t to south or north. You also have to keep in mind that you have other options of using different bridges when you are crossing the river.

2. Get to know out how much traffic you can handle.

TRAFFIC 1When you start using the road, riding your bike with other cars next to you might be scary. This is from Aaron Beatty that works at the Sellwood’s Bike Commuter place. After being scared the riding, he is now proud to say he has enjoyed the ride for the last 6 years.

Sometimes he would opt to use other roads that have less traffic flow like in the neighborhood places.

Nowadays he is comfortable riding even with heavy traffic flow.

It is recommended that you start with the less used roads and later move to the crowded ones. Make sure you are going in a similar directions as the bikes or cars.

3. Be keen on the public transit

The main reason for riding the bike is to have fun as you ride to work and to your home. However, sometimes the distance can be too much, and you end up being tired and worn out. Instead of this, you should join other travelers on the bus or train and enjoy the good times with them. Do not make riding look like a burden to you since you need the energy required at your employment station.

According to Dr. Randall Bluffstone, who is a PSE professor, says that he has used the bike from 1989, and this is because when he gets tired he is not ashamed to use the MAX.

When he feels lazy, he does not hesitate to use the MAX line to get to the PSU together with his bike. This comes in handy when the weather is not favorable and commuting the bike seems like a tiresome job.

4. Don’t vision cycling as an obligation.

Many people thing riding the bikes is part of the sacrifice they need to do. However, many bike commuters find the use of bike gives them the joy exercising their body, save some cash and also motive them in life.

Sometimes the weather can be so welcoming, and you feel like riding along the nearest river. This is according to Bluffstone, who enjoys the weather when it permits to do so.

Saving on the transportation money is possible when one uses the bike as compared to buying gas for your car. This is a testimony from Renfro, who wonders how much people spend on their cars.

Riding the bike is not an obligation but a way of living especially when you get used to it. Jeff finds it more important to use the bike more than anything else.