How to Decide on Bicycle

OverweightBicycling is one of the ways that you can lose some weight, and it also helps to have a good time. Some people use them to do their errands while some enjoy the environment outside as they ride them. In some cases, they are used in racing competitions and touring.

However you want to use them; you have different bicycles that you can choose from.

This article will be helpful to the first time riders, those that have taken some time out of riding and the casual riders for thy will know how to choose the best bikes.

What is your real Riding Style?

You will need to know where you will be riding the bikes on. For example, you might need one to be used on pavements or dirt trails. Every bicycle is made for a particular purpose, and it is important to know where you will be using it most.

If you are planning get yourself a bike, the below breakdown will help you in getting different types that REI has. Each category comprises of individual models that emphasize comfort, performance and versatility.

The Comfort and Hybrid Bikes

Best for street or rough and dirt roads.

Description: these types of bikes are best when it come to handling them and will be ideal if you ride them on a flat area, bike paths or the parks. You can also use a range that comes with larger wheels meant to give you that extra smooth ride. They have special features like the from suspension forks. Since they have large tires, you will be able to ride them on dirt or gravel. You can choose one with the fender or rear racks.

Here are some differences between them:

_MG_9339Comfort bikes are appropriately named. They have 26-inch wider tires the seat is comfortable to allow you sit in a relaxed position. The seat also has suspension seat post that makes it more comfortable when it compress. You will find some with rear hubs that will give you simple maintenance routine. You can get one for about $400 -$850.

The hybrid bikes will give you comfort seat and sometimes seat posts or suspension forks. It has the pedaling ability of about 700-milliter wheels as compared to the comfort bikes that have 26-inch wheels. You can ride them to work or enjoy environment outside: they are efficient on the road. They sell for about $5000-$1000 and above.

Commuting and Urban Bikes

Best for street or some rough roads.

Description: they are made with the intention of being used on pavements and the urban setup. They have strong wheels, tough frames that make them powerful on the road. They give you good upright sitting position that helps to be noticed by other motorists as well as you seeing where you are going. You can find commute friendly ones from lighting systems, fenders, and racks. They sell at $500-$1,500
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Women’s Bikes

Best for most women with long leg and proportional body size

womanDescription: they are made specifically for the woman with proportional body size. They can also be a comfort, road, hybrid or mountain bikes. The saddle to handlebars is much shorter as compared to the men%u2019s bikes. The shorter reach shifters are appropriately made so as to fit according to the woman hand size, and this gives them the joy of riding the bikes.