Get the Right Bicycle for Your Child

biker-cyclingToys represent something that all children dream at. They want cars, dolls, skates, beautiful clothes or bicycles. If some of these toys are easily found and you can also easily decide about them, when you decide to get your kid a bicycle, things become a little different.

As there are different ages, so are there different bicycles adequate for different periods of development for children. Some are still learning how to ride the bike, so they need some helping wheels to ease their stability. Others already know this process, and they want different bikes, with different features, something to show off to their friends.

Apart from this, when you are looking for a bike for your child, you also need to consider his safety – riding a bike can be dangerous, if the child in question doesn’t have adequate protection.

Here is some advice on how to find the perfect bike for your kid.

Consider the Age

kidsBIKEAge is not a problem, because there are bikes for different ages. If you child is really small, like between 2 and 5 years, you can still buy a bike – the difference is that there will be 3 wheels, and it is actually called tricycle. It’s easy to maneuver for that age and is dedicated to their skills. If you don’t want to buy a bike with pedals, you can always get one without – that is actually a toy, similar to the bike, but the child will use his legs to move forward. This will help them keep their balance and later they will learn easier how to ride on a bike without too much help.

After the age of five, they can use bikes with pedals, and sometimes with the helping small wheels that are placed on the sides of the back wheel. This is the easiest way to learn to ride the bike. They will still need an adult’s supervision, but the process is very easy.

The Size of the Bicycle

This is also a thing that you have to consider. You can’t buy your child a bike that is not adequate for his age. However, not all children develop the same way. If your child is already an adolescent, you can buy him a bike that is suited for adults. However, make sure that he or she can reach the ground with both feet when seated on the bike.

kids-cycle1The reason why the size of the bike is important is that if the kid uses it for a longer period of time, it can get him tired sooner. To have a comfortable ride on the bike, without aches in the back or in the legs, it’s ideal that the bike should be not too tall or not too little.

The Scope

This is also important. Some bikes are used only for pleasure riding, while others are used for competitions. There is a big difference between these two, and you need to know what the bike will be used for. If you know that your child takes part in a competition and you want to surprise him, you’d better call for his advice. Your kid surely knows what type of bicycle is needed for that exact competition.

cute-happy-boy-in-helmet-riding-a-bike_133940801In addition, there are bicycles that can be used on paved roads and bikes that can be used outdoors, on roads that are not paved – like a road in the forest or on the mountains. Make sure you know exactly what the bike is for.


This is also important, because accidents can also happen. Your kid will need a helmet, elbow and kneepads and these will be of help in case he/she falls or something else happens.

Whenever you want to make sure you are buying the right bicycle, come to us at Keystone Biking and we’ll help you out!