5 Top Places In The World For Bicycle Ride

1. A ride along the Mekong River-Cambodia

riverAngkor is one of the most known tourist attraction sites in Cambodia. You can visit the place in a car, but the most appropriate way to do it is to visit it by riding a bike. Riding your bike on the dusty paths along the Mekong River, will give you that definite and ideal feeling of getting to see the way the people on the chain of small villages actually live. The villagers are not used to tourists on their lands; you might actually find more chicken and goats on their roads that you will find cars. If you take on their roads with a bike, you will have some kids running after you calling out Suas’dei as you ride along. This could be the best feeling or rather a gift you could offer them. If you took it to Angkor with a hungry stomach, their meals will definitely never disappoint. Coconut and rice will be served for lunch, a meal people rarely do, and this is the ideal meal for those who visit the place.

To see- It is about 40km from Phnom Penh. There is a route through Kratie, Chulong and Kampong Cham. You can find more details on this on our route notes.

tasmania2. The Tasmania Island- Australia

If there is a place where a cyclist would wish to call it heaven, then it should be a place where there is very light traffic, smooth roads, breathtaking views, and of course where to camp is absolutely free. The place where to get this ideal heavenly feel is definitely available. Visit the Island of Tasmania, in Melbourne Australia and you will not be disappointed.

Tasmania is mainly referred to as Tassie by its residents. A visit to this amazing place will give you the never ending scenic view of the sea, the totally free camping sites which are well protected, and the many bakeries which offer amazing tasty foods. You will get the opportunity to see two or more wombats, echidnas, and if you are those lucky persons, you might see a Tasmanian Devil.

To see- you will take a ferry from Melbourne. Get the bike of your choice at the stop at the tourist bureau. Do not forget a guide to tourists. You don’t have to waste time, take any road and enjoy the views.

oregon3. Eastern Oregon- America

Most people do think that Oregon is all about rainforests and the amazing views on the coastal lines. They are definitely wrong. The 395 route cuts across the very center of the Oregon’s desert, the country of cowboys. It will give a rider that ideal feeling of a peaceful atmosphere, which is suitable for reflecting upon the many issues in life one would wish to get away from. The place has an amazing view especially that of the Abert Rim, its beauty will leave you in total wonder. The Abert Rim is a fault scarp, and among the highest in the US. There is a lot more to enjoy in the Eastern Oregon. Take a ride of your lifetime, and be sure never to regret it.

To see- At the Californian border, begin at the Lake-view and then ride north. It is a desert, so it is hot; ensure you, therefore, carry a lot of water with you.

4. Ride from Shiraz to Yazd- Iran

Take your riding mission to Iran, and be sure to have the celebrity cyclist feeling. Iran is one of those places people think so negative about. But it is not so. Iran is a place where tourists are welcome, and many do go there. There is probably their charm, as most people love Iranian tea.

People from Iran are the friendliest. You did not know that. Iran has a lot of special archeological sites. They are indeed special, although few people visit the places nowadays compared to many years back. There is a lot of breathtaking architecture that you will only find on other few countries in the world. Their mosques are totally gorgeous and especially those in Esfahan. Visit Iran, you will not be disappointed. Be sure to feel good about a place you might have heard only bad news about.

To see- you might have to begin by processing your visa so that you can make it either in late autumn or early spring because the temperatures during these two seasons can be managed. People do cycle even during winter, but this is more in the southern parts. You can get more details on the route notes on Shiraz to Yazd.

Turkey5. The interior parts of Turkey

Turkey has its coast too busy and extremely crowded. It’s city, Istanbul, is a super great city; however it is a place where cyclists don’t dream of going. There is, however, a place for you as a cyclist in Turkey. Get on a ferry to the most attractive places in Turkey’s inland, here you will find adventurous and great sites you’d truly appreciate. There are archeological sites that have almost been left unmanaged, you will also see many turtles that never stop crossing the roads and, of course, the villages that produce the fresh bread just when you need food.

To see- Take a ferry from Istanbul all the way to Bandirma. Then cycle from Bergama, on Izmir and through inland roads to Antalya.

How to Decide on Bicycle

OverweightBicycling is one of the ways that you can lose some weight, and it also helps to have a good time. Some people use them to do their errands while some enjoy the environment outside as they ride them. In some cases, they are used in racing competitions and touring.

However you want to use them; you have different bicycles that you can choose from.

This article will be helpful to the first time riders, those that have taken some time out of riding and the casual riders for thy will know how to choose the best bikes.

What is your real Riding Style?

You will need to know where you will be riding the bikes on. For example, you might need one to be used on pavements or dirt trails. Every bicycle is made for a particular purpose, and it is important to know where you will be using it most.

If you are planning get yourself a bike, the below breakdown will help you in getting different types that REI has. Each category comprises of individual models that emphasize comfort, performance and versatility.

The Comfort and Hybrid Bikes

Best for street or rough and dirt roads.

Description: these types of bikes are best when it come to handling them and will be ideal if you ride them on a flat area, bike paths or the parks. You can also use a range that comes with larger wheels meant to give you that extra smooth ride. They have special features like the from suspension forks. Since they have large tires, you will be able to ride them on dirt or gravel. You can choose one with the fender or rear racks.

Here are some differences between them:

_MG_9339Comfort bikes are appropriately named. They have 26-inch wider tires the seat is comfortable to allow you sit in a relaxed position. The seat also has suspension seat post that makes it more comfortable when it compress. You will find some with rear hubs that will give you simple maintenance routine. You can get one for about $400 -$850.

The hybrid bikes will give you comfort seat and sometimes seat posts or suspension forks. It has the pedaling ability of about 700-milliter wheels as compared to the comfort bikes that have 26-inch wheels. You can ride them to work or enjoy environment outside: they are efficient on the road. They sell for about $5000-$1000 and above.

Commuting and Urban Bikes

Best for street or some rough roads.

Description: they are made with the intention of being used on pavements and the urban setup. They have strong wheels, tough frames that make them powerful on the road. They give you good upright sitting position that helps to be noticed by other motorists as well as you seeing where you are going. You can find commute friendly ones from lighting systems, fenders, and racks. They sell at $500-$1,500
Shop our collection of commuting/urban bikes.
Women’s Bikes

Best for most women with long leg and proportional body size

womanDescription: they are made specifically for the woman with proportional body size. They can also be a comfort, road, hybrid or mountain bikes. The saddle to handlebars is much shorter as compared to the men%u2019s bikes. The shorter reach shifters are appropriately made so as to fit according to the woman hand size, and this gives them the joy of riding the bikes.

How to Select Your Best Cycling Route to Work

So much depends on avoiding as many stop signs as possible.

road signGetting to work as you ride your bike may seem tiresome especially when you use long and complicated lanes. Many people find it difficult to ride their bikes to work because they have no idea how to go about it. However, when you scout your usual route, you will understand why some people are embracing riding to work. The following comments from seasonal bike commuter will give you an idea on this subject.

1. Get a general idea of where you want to go.

Stephanie Renfro says that although Google Map is wonderful, “Portland By Bicycle “is that comes from city’s transportation agency is much better. He continues to say that it easy to carry it since it is small and you do not have to spend cash when you are using it in town. Another one commented that is important to know what the pro bikers are using on the streets.

From Jeff, husband to Stephanie advises bikes to make use of the choosing the appropriate bridge. When doing this, get to know the most crowded bridges since you do not want to end up in traffic due to too much bikes using the same bridge. There is nothing worse like when you want to avoid traffic jam only to end up stuck in it for hours. He continues to recommend that one should either use Broadway bridges or the Steel if you are heading t to south or north. You also have to keep in mind that you have other options of using different bridges when you are crossing the river.

2. Get to know out how much traffic you can handle.

TRAFFIC 1When you start using the road, riding your bike with other cars next to you might be scary. This is from Aaron Beatty that works at the Sellwood’s Bike Commuter place. After being scared the riding, he is now proud to say he has enjoyed the ride for the last 6 years.

Sometimes he would opt to use other roads that have less traffic flow like in the neighborhood places.

Nowadays he is comfortable riding even with heavy traffic flow.

It is recommended that you start with the less used roads and later move to the crowded ones. Make sure you are going in a similar directions as the bikes or cars.

3. Be keen on the public transit

The main reason for riding the bike is to have fun as you ride to work and to your home. However, sometimes the distance can be too much, and you end up being tired and worn out. Instead of this, you should join other travelers on the bus or train and enjoy the good times with them. Do not make riding look like a burden to you since you need the energy required at your employment station.

According to Dr. Randall Bluffstone, who is a PSE professor, says that he has used the bike from 1989, and this is because when he gets tired he is not ashamed to use the MAX.

When he feels lazy, he does not hesitate to use the MAX line to get to the PSU together with his bike. This comes in handy when the weather is not favorable and commuting the bike seems like a tiresome job.

4. Don’t vision cycling as an obligation.

Many people thing riding the bikes is part of the sacrifice they need to do. However, many bike commuters find the use of bike gives them the joy exercising their body, save some cash and also motive them in life.

Sometimes the weather can be so welcoming, and you feel like riding along the nearest river. This is according to Bluffstone, who enjoys the weather when it permits to do so.

Saving on the transportation money is possible when one uses the bike as compared to buying gas for your car. This is a testimony from Renfro, who wonders how much people spend on their cars.

Riding the bike is not an obligation but a way of living especially when you get used to it. Jeff finds it more important to use the bike more than anything else.

Get the Right Bicycle for Your Child

biker-cyclingToys represent something that all children dream at. They want cars, dolls, skates, beautiful clothes or bicycles. If some of these toys are easily found and you can also easily decide about them, when you decide to get your kid a bicycle, things become a little different.

As there are different ages, so are there different bicycles adequate for different periods of development for children. Some are still learning how to ride the bike, so they need some helping wheels to ease their stability. Others already know this process, and they want different bikes, with different features, something to show off to their friends.

Apart from this, when you are looking for a bike for your child, you also need to consider his safety – riding a bike can be dangerous, if the child in question doesn’t have adequate protection.

Here is some advice on how to find the perfect bike for your kid.

Consider the Age

kidsBIKEAge is not a problem, because there are bikes for different ages. If you child is really small, like between 2 and 5 years, you can still buy a bike – the difference is that there will be 3 wheels, and it is actually called tricycle. It’s easy to maneuver for that age and is dedicated to their skills. If you don’t want to buy a bike with pedals, you can always get one without – that is actually a toy, similar to the bike, but the child will use his legs to move forward. This will help them keep their balance and later they will learn easier how to ride on a bike without too much help.

After the age of five, they can use bikes with pedals, and sometimes with the helping small wheels that are placed on the sides of the back wheel. This is the easiest way to learn to ride the bike. They will still need an adult’s supervision, but the process is very easy.

The Size of the Bicycle

This is also a thing that you have to consider. You can’t buy your child a bike that is not adequate for his age. However, not all children develop the same way. If your child is already an adolescent, you can buy him a bike that is suited for adults. However, make sure that he or she can reach the ground with both feet when seated on the bike.

kids-cycle1The reason why the size of the bike is important is that if the kid uses it for a longer period of time, it can get him tired sooner. To have a comfortable ride on the bike, without aches in the back or in the legs, it’s ideal that the bike should be not too tall or not too little.

The Scope

This is also important. Some bikes are used only for pleasure riding, while others are used for competitions. There is a big difference between these two, and you need to know what the bike will be used for. If you know that your child takes part in a competition and you want to surprise him, you’d better call for his advice. Your kid surely knows what type of bicycle is needed for that exact competition.

cute-happy-boy-in-helmet-riding-a-bike_133940801In addition, there are bicycles that can be used on paved roads and bikes that can be used outdoors, on roads that are not paved – like a road in the forest or on the mountains. Make sure you know exactly what the bike is for.


This is also important, because accidents can also happen. Your kid will need a helmet, elbow and kneepads and these will be of help in case he/she falls or something else happens.

Whenever you want to make sure you are buying the right bicycle, come to us at Keystone Biking and we’ll help you out!